The color perfectly formulated just for you

Our clients have discovered at Ryan Wayne Salon that we are devoted to their full beauty experience. Not only do we want their hair, make-up and nails to be extraordinary, but we also want them to wake up feeling fulfilled. You can now rollout of bed knowing your eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips are perfected. Whether you’ve spent years over plucking your eyebrows or just never had the desired fullness and shape; we can offer you a solution. Micro-blading is a 3-D semi-permanent tattoo that creates fullness with natural brush strokes instead of solid filled-in brows. Eyeliner that is now a lash enhancement, or a more dramatic statement, is within your reach. Your lips can now have that pouty full appearance and desired color without taking the time daily to draw them on. The micro-blading lasts anywhere from one to three years depending on exfoliation and sun exposure. Our salon recommends an annual touch-up to keep looking fresh. No more fading to that blue, grey. You will now have the color perfectly emulated just for you.

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  • Micro Blading$350-$650