When it comes to any stage of hair loss: medically induced or hereditary, man or woman, we understand how much it can affect your self-esteem. This, in turn, can affect your daily interactions in your professional and personal life.

At Ryan Wayne Salon, our team of master stylists will customize the perfect combination of color, cut and hair restoration options to create the hair you’ve always dreamed of. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products using only the best, most prestigious materials for the ultimate result in comfort along with a beautiful, natural look, while preserving the integrity of your natural hair.

Our hair thickening, lengthening and hair replacement options range from full, non-surgical hair replacement to something as simple as adding a touch of color that won’t fade using hair enhancement options which are composed of the finest, 100% human hair, hand selected from all over the world.

Our team of master stylists at Ryan Wayne Salon are trained to customize each client’s hair system to their desired look and lifestyle. We are able to create the desired length, density, and volume. Voluminous hair is no longer a fantasy but can become your reality. Thinning to balding or even medically induced hair loss is now met with a beautiful solution that will give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of. Extensions and integration systems have always been associated with adding fullness and length to the bottom but now you can have fullness and volume on top. A completely natural seamless look and feel that will give you the confidence and style you never knew was possible.

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Ryan Wayne

This is an exciting, proven solution for maximum volume for fine, thinning hair. It’s the ideal solution for volume on top of your head if you have thin hair or even advanced hair loss. Our virtually invisible special threads called “microlines” are applied to your own hair and is matched to your color, texture and length and gently integrated into your own hair strands for a completely natural and volumous hairstyle.

Our microlines are attached permanently and can be worn for many months. Unlike traditional hairpieces, our Ryan Wayne Microline can be worn without limitations in your lifestyle. Continue living your life while swimming, riding in a convertible and working out without worry. Each Ryan Wayne Microline is customized to you and your needs and desires.

Ryan Wayne
HighLines System

Ryan Wayne Highlines is an ideal option for more volume on top for very fine and slightly thinning hair. We use micro-fine, invisible special threads made with 100% human hair and integrate this into your own hair. Ryan Wayne can also integrate lighter and darker strands to create highlights or low lights. The unique characteristics of the Ryan Wayne Highlines make it ideal option for gentle, chemical-free color enhancement, preventing further damage by conventional color treatments.

Ryan Wayne
TopHair System

Bottom line, it’s your extra-fast, extra-flexible hair thickening solution. This innovation from Ryan Wayne and Hairdreams ® is fast, convenient and flexible to use. It’s suited for immediate and easy thickening of fine and thinning hair on top of your head. With its unique construction, this option is best for hairstyles with longer hair on top and partings. This is also integrated into your own hair, creating a soft, natural looking hair style with natural bangs or exact partings with a permanent or temporary attachment so it can be removed and reattached at any time.

Ryan Wayne

Ryan Wayne’s Fall is placed at the crown of the head; concealing thin hair, roots, or gray that has grown in between color touch-ups while providing fullness and length. The Fall attaches with four comfortable coated clips for an easy application, which are attached to a breathable mesh piece to create a natural, seamless look. The Falls are offered in the length of 16″- 18″ in all 23 of our colors. This piece is completely hand sewn to give it a very natural look. The Fall may be cut and styled to compliment your natural hair, or trimmed to offer bangs.