Consultations are $150.00 to book 30minutes with a master stylist.  We offer in person or virtual consultations.

A deposit will be required in order to book any services

Cutting + Styling

  • Hair Cut +  Style$100+

Our Master level haircuts start at $80 varying on the density and the styling technique of the cut. This service includes a thorough consultation to discuss your desired style, a luxurious head massage with hot towel and customized precision cut with blow-dry and style.

  • Mens Hair Cut$100+

Our Master level haircuts start at $80 varying on the density and the styling technique of the cut. This service includes a thorough consultation to discuss your desired style, a luxurious head massage with hot towel and customized precision cut with a blow-dry styling or wet styling.

  • Blow-dry +  Style$75+

Blow-dry Styling starts at $50. It is determined by the density and selected style out. This service includes a luxurious head massage with a complimentary hot towel, blow-dry styling and smoothed out to desired the style.

  • Formal Up Style (updo)$100+

When doing a Formal Up Do, feel free to bring in photos for reference or you can leave it to our Master Stylists to create an updo specifically designed for your special occasion. This service includes curling, flat ironing, pin-up, half-up or braid styling of your choice.


  • Shu Uemera Bar Deep Conditioning$55+

This deep conditioning treatment has Japanese Gentiana Extract to soothe the scalp, plump the hair and bring back shine to dull locks. This luxurious treatment has a unique blend of three serums that will target your hair concerns while you are relaxing with a complimentary head massage and hot towel.

  • Olaplex Repair Treatment$60

This highly recommended treatment works while you are relaxing! The cocktail of the No. 1 Bond Multiplier with the color formula rebuilds broken disulfide bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing the hair. This treatment includes a luxurious head massage with the No.2 Bond Perfector and a complimentary hot towel.

  • B3 Demi-Permanent Conditioning$100

The b3  Demi Permanent Conditioner is an innovative professional salon service that provides intensive repair and long-term conditioning for extremely dry, very damaged and chemically treated hair for up to 12 washes. This treatment also includes a luxurious head massage.

  • Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment$350+

Through the use of a  Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex  and a  proprietary polymer system, the  Brazilian Blowout  actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is  smooth, healthy, frizz-free  hair with radiant shine! This treatment includes the blow-dry style and smooth finishing touch. This treatment last up to 12 weeks with proper hair care and product use.

  • Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment$100+

This instant reparative and corrective treatment is an add-on for any salon service. Whether you have it added to the end of your Brazilian Blowout smoothing service, a cut, color, or other service, it only takes 10 minutes and gives your hair healthy, strong, fortified ends for up to 4 weeks.

Progressive Color

Our Master stylists have conquered this technique to give anyone the perfect Ombre or Balayage highlights. This Technique provides the color melting effect to give the perfect natural sun kissed look. This technique is hand painted on and customized to the client’s hair and desired style.

  • Ombre & Balayage$150+

Color Balancing

Color Balancing is used after an Ombre, Hi-Lights or Balayage services have been rinsed. Hair can lift at different levels at different parts of the hair and in order to make the hair have a seamless transition, we tone the hair in separate zones. This creates a perfect blended transition in the hair color. This is also a great option to refresh the hair and add a hint of tint and or shine:

  • New Growth Base Color Balancing$80+
  • Coloring Balancing Ends$40+
  • Toner$40+

Toners are applied at the shampoo bowl either neutralizing unwanted tones or enhancing desired tones.


For a Base Color, we differentiate the level based on the amount of new growth a client has and how much color is needed. A consultation with our Master Stylists can help determine the level of Base Color that is needed for a desired look.

  • Level 1 Base$80+
  • Level 2 Base$90+
  • Level 3 Base$100+


This semi-permanent color is applied to the length and ends of the hair to add shine or freshen up any color. The levels of gloss is determined by the amount needed for the hair and the amount of time.

  • Level 1 Add Gloss$40+
  • Level 2 Add Gloss$60+
  • Level 3 Add Gloss$80+
  • All Over Gloss$110+

High Lights

Our Master level High-Lights start at $95 depending on the density of the hair and desired look. A consultation with our Master Stylist can help determine the level of High Lights needed for your desired look.

  • Partial High Lights Levels 1-4$125+
  • Full High Lights Levels 5-10$300+
  • Add Foils$40+

Color Correction

Other Services


At Ryan Wayne, our Make Up Artist use Glo Professional Make-up Products. Their award winning, skin nourishing, mineral makeup formulations enhance and protect even the most sensitive skin. With a variety of formulas, finish options, and an exceptional shade gallery to promote beauty ideal, Glo Skin Beauty delivers customized complexion perfection.

  • Make-Up Full Face$110+

Includes priming, foundation, contour. etc.

  • Eyes only$75+

Includes brows, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and under eye

  • Lash strips$25
  • Lash Tabs$75
  • Make Up Class$250

Our Master Make-up artist will work one-on-one with you, teaching you professional make-up techniques. With this class, a $50 credit will be given to go towards make-up products to take home


Let our Ryan Wayne Salon Waxologist shape your brows and clean up any problem areas you may have.  

  • Brow Wax$40
  • Lip Wax$20
  • Nose Wax$20
  • Full Face Wax$100
  • Ear Wax$20

Hair Extension & Restoration

Ryan Wayne Salon is a Premier Hair Dreams Salon nationally ranked and recognized as number 1 is the industry. Because everyone’s needs are unique, schedule a consultation to discuss the desired look you dream to achieve and give an accurate time and price requirement to make your dream a reality.


A non refundable deposit is required on specialty services such as extensions, Brazilian blowouts and makeup classes to secure the time needed as they can be time consuming.


Our Nail services are provided by our Nail Specialist.

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Eye Lashes

Our Eye Lash services are available in 2 styles.

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