Ryan Wayne Salon is proud to be number one and the largest provider in the country of Hairdreams ® hair extensions. The art of long, well-groomed hair has always been an extension of feminine beauty. Ryan Wayne can provide the look you’ve dreamed of without the great effort and time dedicated to grow beautiful, healthy longer and thicker hair that sometimes maybe impossible to achieve naturally.

Ryan Wayne Salon’s Hairdreams ® extensions are 100% real human hair and come in a variety of lengths, colors and structures to blend with your natural hair to achieve the look you want with the lifestyle you live. Our hair extensions blend in perfectly with your own hair and are virtually indistinguishable to touch or sight. This allows your hair length and volume to change in just a few hours or even minutes so almost any desired styling is possible.

With over 75% of our clients wearing hair extensions, Ryan Wayne is one of the top salons in the country and the right partner for you journey into the world of hair extensions. To start your journey, sit down with our professionals for a consultation to determine the type, color, and length of hair you desire as well as care, duration and budget.

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Extension Options

Each of our extension options use 100% human hair from Hairdreams!

Ryan Wayne Single Strand Extensions — Hair thickening with Ryan Wayne Hairdreams strands are the ideal way to give fine hair lasting volume in length and ends. Your hair will be supplemented with individual strands, which match in color, length and texture for undetectable incredible results.

Based on your desires, Ryan Wayne will add volume and length for the most natural look and feel. This is done with tiny patented “bonds” that ensure comfort and durability. The result? Healthy looking, full hair that looks great each day with long lasting wear.

Ryan Wayne Nano — Ryan Wayne Nano is the latest and most innovative method for creating fuller and longer hair without any damage. Ryan Wayne uses Hairdreams 100% human hair to invisibly integrate these extensions quickly and permanently into your own hair using a patented “Laserbeamer”. This method creates longer, thicker hair in about an hour and gives you the freedom to exercise, swim, sit in a sauna and enjoy your hair for months!

Ryan Wayne Quickies — No time for the salon? Ryan Wayne offers an exciting option that gives you thicker and longer hair or a pop of color in under an hour. Quickies utilize an extremely flat bond that literally sandwiches your hair in between two pieces of comfortable microfiber strips. It’s a quick solution for longer, thicker hair in a flash.

Ryan Wayne Clip — Ryan Wayne also offers 100% human hair clip-ins to give instant volume, length and color. Ryan Wayne Clips are great for one-day events, are comfortable to wear daily and can be managed in the comfort of your own home. The result is fullness and a soft natural look in seconds!

Ryan Wayne Halo — The Halo provides body, volume, color and length in seconds with 100% human hair. No commitment of bonding, clipping, gluing or spending hours in the salon. This is an ideal option for special occasions or even daily use. With four lengths (12-24”), it’s like adding the equivalent to a full head of hair in the matter of minutes.

Extension Care

Hair care with Ryan Wayne and Hairdreams extensions are easy. We will recommend a line of hair products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and manageable each day as well as brushes that are especially suited for the needs of hair extensions. This will help keep your extensions long lasting with healthy looking results. Daily product use prescribed by your Ryan Wayne stylist will ensure your hair is nourished and conditioned for optimal shine and elasticity.

Damage may happen if all directions & care are not followed. It is very important to follow all of the recommendations given to you by your Ryan Wayne hair extension professional.

RYAN WAYNE ReWards — At Ryan Wayne, we recognize and reward you for your loyalty to our salon. Our Rewards program gives you “in-store credit” to use for products, gratuity and services at our salon.

We’ll keep track of your referrals, dollars you spend, efficiently booked appointments and products you purchase so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive in-store credit  when you want to put it towards the products and services at our salon!

Make your hair dreams your reality with Ryan Wayne’s state of the art technology and hair quality. We have partnered with Hairdreams, who have been the world leader in human hair extensions for years. Ryan Wayne shares in the strict adherence to the highest quality standards using only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested human hair.

The result is phenomenal hair quality, which has become the hallmark of Hairdreams and the demand of our Hair Salon. We guarantee the flawless quality of our hair during the entire wearing period as our proof to its outstanding quality.

We merely ask you take as great of pride in your hair once you wear it as we have to get it to you with home care as we’ve prescribed and regular service at Ryan Wayne.

You are always in the best hands with Ryan Wayne Salon when it comes to hair extensions.